Swapp Whitepaper

🚀 Introducing Swapp

"Blockchain Your Data" with SWAPP

Introduction - What Swapp is and why we are here:

The Current Landscape: The average person spends a staggering seven (7) hours online per day. All that behavioral data is being tracked, packaged and sold (search history, websites visited, purchase history, physical location, etc). This information is sold to advertisers who target you with upwards of 4,000 ads per day. While the tech giants earn billions of dollars in this equation, you earn zero. That ends today.
The Swapp solution is to create an industry-disrupting, autonomous data monetization platform designed to cut out the tech giant middlemen by empowering individuals to capture, own and control their first party data.
Swapp Protocol is a revolutionary blockchain-based DeFi platform leading a movement to democratize the current $1.5T/yr data industry, enabling consumers to start getting paid for their online data. It is time for individuals to take back control over their personal information and decide how their data will be used, paving the way for a new decentralized data industry. Powering this newly decentralized data industry is our blockchain-driven infrastructure, which incentivizes investors ranging in size from individual consumers up to institutional players.
Join the movement as Swapp levels the playing field of retail data by empowering consumers to truly “OWN” their data and enhance user privacy. Swapp plays a pivotal role in leading this movement, as the AdTech industry shifts into a cookie-less world. Finally, the consumer will start being compensated for the data they are unknowingly giving away.