2.2.2 - Daily Auction Phase Supply Schedule

Every Auction Phase day has an average of five million SWAPP available for reservation. Some of the days with randomly determined amounts have tight ranges only a few hundred thousand SWAPP in variance, and others are extremely variant, ranging from a single SWAPP to ten million SWAPP (technically 9,999,999 SWAPP, in order to preserve a strict average of five million per day). In this way, the Auction Phase Epoch provides various exciting options for users wishing to gamble with their ETH, and at various levels of risk/reward.

The following table outlines how many SWAPP will be available for user reservation on each day of the Auction Phase Epoch. Most days have exactly five million SWAPP available. The rest show two supply values: the minimum and maximum available that day. Each day is color coded for relative risk level, from none to high).