2.0.0 - General Properties

The contract defines the token name as “Swapp Token”, the token symbol as “SWAPP”, and the number of decimals as 18.

The base unit of SWAPP is called TESLA. One SWAPP is composed of one quintillion (1 × 1018) TESLA.

Time is tracked by the contract in whole day increments, beginning at Day 0, which starts at the midnight UTC preceding the contract deployment. The individual days used for the Auction Phase Epoch will be higher day numbers in the code, rather than literally being day numbers 1–50.

The contract has no special functionality granted to the deploying account, no administrative keys, and no concept of a contract owner. All users, including the founders and developers, have precisely equal access to the contract’s functionality.

The contract, once deployed, is immutable. No proxy or delegate contracts are involved.