Swapp Whitepaper

☑ SWAPP Bridge

We have officially opened our bridges between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Cronos!

To learn how to use the bridge watch our youtube video here.


The fee structure is different depending on where you are transferring to.
In order to bridge from Ethereum to either BSC or Cronos there is a minimum of 20k SWAPP tokens. You cannot send less than 20k tokens. Additionally there is a 1% fee capped at 1k SWAPP tokens in order to send to BSC or Cronos, no matter where you transfer from. If you bridge back into Ethereum no matter which chain you come from there is a 10k SWAPP fee. So let's simplify this.


From Ethereum --> BSC or CRONOS: 20k minimum 1% fee capped at 1,000 SWAPP.
i.e. Sending 900,000 SWAPP from ETH to BSC would only cost 1k SWAPP because it reaches the cap. Essentially anything above 100k SWAPP is charged 1k SWAPP to transfer

Binance Smart Chain & Cronos:

From BSC --> Cronos: 20k minimum 1% fee capped at 1,000 SWAPP.
From Cronos --> BSC: 20k minimum 1% fee capped at 1,000 SWAPP.
From BSC or Cronos --> Ethereum: 20k minimum, with a 10k SWAPP fee.