Swapp Whitepaper

☑ SWAPP Data App

The Swapp blockchain DMP (data management platform) is democratizing the data industry by creating the world's first decentralized identity graph. Through the Swapp DMP, individual users own, control, and monetize their online behavioral data, all in a privacy-safe, compliant way.
Users can select which personal data points they wish to keep private vs. the data points they allow to be monetized (anonymously).
For the users who wish to participate in the data monetization side of Swapp, they simply install the free iOS/Android app on their phone (or free google chrome extension) and grant permission for anonymous data sharing. Once this data is segmented and purchased by advertisers, users are rewarded in the form of SWAPP tokens sent to their digital wallets.
The Swapp identity graph is a decentralized database on the blockchain. This provides a profit motive for the individual users. There is no need for traditional company revenue on the data monetization side, as 100% of the profits are passed to the end users. This blockchain-based ecosystem is the first real opportunity to take considerable market share away from the tech giants like Facebook and Google when it comes to data monetization.