Swapp Whitepaper


Swapp Bridge

We have an in-depth description and video walkthrough here.

Anyswap Bridge

1. Choose the bridge you want to use in. In this example we'll be using Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
2. Open your Metamask wallet and switch network to Binance Smart Chain.
3. Ensure your Metamask Wallet is connected to to ANYSWAP and is on the BSC mainnet.
4. Select the tokens you wish to bridge by clicking on the token icons (note some tokens + networks are not bridgeable to Cronos). In this example we'll be bridging BNB.
5. Enter the amount of BNB you'd like to bridge and choose to bridge to CRO mainnet.
6. Check the AnySwap fees and click “Swap”.
7. Check the details in your wallet and click “Confirm”. You will see the highlighted confirmation.
8. Go back to CryptoSwapp and open your Metamask wallet. Switch network to Cronos mainnet. Then click "Import Tokens". Copy the address of token contract (here BNB) and click "Add Custom Token". You can find all token contract addresses on Cronos Explorer.