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Watch our video on how to add liquidity and farm here.

How do I remove my LP from a farm?

  1. 1.
    Go to the farming page find the pool you are participating in (it will say "manage" as appose to "Deposit").
2. Once you have pressed manage you can just press on withdraw.
3. If you have unclaimed rewards you will see "Withdraw & Claim" if not it would just be "Withdraw", either way click on the highlighted box to withdraw the LP from the farm.
4. Once the LP is withdrawn, you can now go to the "liquidity" page to break the LP.
5. Press on manage on the pair that you want to remove liquidity from.
6. Once you are managing the pair you clicked on press remove.
7. Select the amount you want by either clicking on the increments or adjust with the sliding bar.
8. Once you have determined what amount you would like to remove from the farm, you have to approve the transaction.
9. After the transaction has been approved just press remove and follow your wallet prompts to accept the transaction.
10. You will see the transaction both in your wallet and on the dex itself, now you can go to exchange and follow Broken link to exchange your tokens.
Last modified 11mo ago