Swapp Whitepaper

☑ SWAPP NFT Marketplace

The New Creator Economy
The Swapp NFT Marketplace is revolutionizing the NFT landscape. This will be the first of its kind, providing artists/creators a marketplace where they can mint their NFTs on any blockchain as well as seamlessly move the minted NFTs to different blockchains. With a combination of cross-chain flexibility and immutability from smart contracts, the Swapp NFT platform will give game developers life beyond their storefront by leveraging our cutting edge marketplace technology.
Swapp is introducing an innovative solution for both creators and users of non-fungible tokens. The exclusive digital asset marketplace innovates how creators display value in their creative works which are inaccessible through traditional methods. Additionally, it allows companies to develop unique ways to create different asset backed NFTs with real world utility and applications.

What is the point of the platform?

The point of the Swapp NFT marketplace is to allow creators to have greater control over their artwork. To allow agents to bring on artists without the need for messy IRL contracts. And to allow buyers to be comfortable purchasing from verified artists, utilizing many different currencies.
Each week a new set of NFTs will be featured on the homepage. To submit an NFT to be featured: Create your NFT Post a link to your NFT on Twitter or Instagram Include @Swappfi and #swappnft