Swapp Whitepaper


The Agents feature is unique to the Swapp NFT Marketplace. If you are an agent wanting to bring your artists on to our platform, you will send a link to a form that will list their name and fee. The maximum fee an agent can charge is 50%. An artist can accept or reject the fee. Upon approval, the artist will follow the steps in Broken link and then can begin minting.
In order to become an agent all you have to do is navigate to our home page and click on "Create Agent Account" follow the instructions below to continue.

1. Connect your crypto wallet

2. Select your wallet of choice

Note* SWAPP ID is not available yet

3. Once your wallet is connected you have to enter your display name and bio

Once completed hit "Verify account" (*The bio cannot be less than 10 letters)

5. Now you are all set, you can now create your account!

Your twitter account will be viewable on your profile

How do I sign up Artists?