Swapp Whitepaper

Get Started - Artist

Creating a new Item

  • To begin, once you have your wallet connected click on create
  • Choose “Single” if you want your collectible to be one of a kind or “Multiple” if you want to sell one collectible multiple times.
  • If you want to change your collection mid way you can do so just click on "Switch to Multiple" or "Switch to Single"
  • Upload the file as a PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, or MP3. The max is 1Gb.
  • Name the item
  • Describe the item
  • Supply, enter the number of copies that can be minted.
  • Choose Fixed Price or Open for Bids
  • Select the chain *as of right now only ethereum is available more chains coming soon
  • Select the token you want to accept. If you choose Swapp, the 2% platform fee is waived.
  • If you want to auction you item this is how you would set the minimum bid, if this is a fixed price listing this will be the max price or set sale price
  • Toggle for timed auction Toggle to add Unlockable Content only accessible to the owner. Unlockable content is one of the ways to make an NFT more attractive to buyers. A digital experience can pass from one owner to the next (potentially increasing resale value). Unlockable content can also be physical items but typically won’t transfer if an NFT is resold. (tickets, signed memorabilia, etc) but this usually cannot carry to other future owners.
  • Toggle for NSFW content
  • List type and name of properties. The properties are what make NFTs unique. Add royalty; you can choose the royalty percentage you want to earn from an NFT and it will be built into the Smart Contract. You can add two additional addresses and designate percentages and those portions of the royalties will be sent to those wallets. The maximum royalty percentage is 15%.
  • Edit fixed price
  • Hit “Create item”

Create a new collection

Once you’ve been approved as an artist on the platform, you can create a new collection:
  • Add a cover image. It’s recommended to use an image at least 400x400 and a Gif will work too.
  • Enter the collection name
  • Enter a token symbol Enter a token description (optional)
  • Add a URL
  • Hit “Create Collection”