Swapp Whitepaper

How do I start?

This guide explains the things you'll need in place to open your account and start buying or selling NFTs on the Swapp NFT Marketplace.

Digital Currency (ETH)

You can get ETH, the digital currency that fuels transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, from a digital currency exchange like Coinbase. You will need ETH to "mint" an NFT, purchase an NFT, and for gas fees to complete transactions. Gas fees are a bit of a tricky concept, but we simplify the basics here. Now that you have ETH, let's create a crypto wallet.
Note* in the future we will have more chains available such as, Matic and Cronos, this will dramatically reduce fees associated with transacting NFTs.

Create a wallet

A crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, stores your Swapp, ETH and most other tokens to processes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. A unique wallet address will be generated and you will use this address to complete transactions. Watch this tutorial to learn how to install a Metamask wallet.
All transactions connected to your wallet address can be found on etherscan.io. It's always a good idea to check Etherscan after completing each transaction.
Why do you need a wallet before buying and selling on Swapp NFT Marketplace?
Our NFT marketplace itself is another tool you use to interact with the blockchain. We never take possession of your assets or store your NFTs. Instead, we provide a system for peer to peer exchanges. Since you’ll be using our platform to interact directly with others on the blockchain, you’ll need a wallet to help you turn your actions in the browser into transactions on the blockchain.
Now that you have a crypto wallet installed, you can connect your wallet address to Swapp NFT Marketplace!

Connect your wallet to the SWAPP NFT Marketplace

First things first, connect your wallet to the Swapp NFT Marketplace, create your profile, and you’re ready to mint, buy, and sell NFTs.
Let's connect your wallet to nft.swapp to edit your profile, and begin interacting in the space. When you arrive to nft.swapp.ee , head to the top right profile icon, select Profile icon in the top right.
Your account will default to show an emoji character, shown in the top right. To personalize your account, select that icon on the top right side of the screen and click "Account settings"
Now you can customize your profile, including: username, bio, and email address. Your profile photo and cover banner can be customized on your account as well.
Now you're all set! If you ever have trouble viewing your items, make sure your wallet is connected correctly. Swapp NFT Marketplace doesn't store your digital assets, it's only a fun place to buy, sell, create, and trade NFTs.
The heart of our marketplace is the curated home page and awesome search features. Enjoy buying, trading, creating, and selling NFTs on OpenSea!


Via agent: An agent will send you a link or notification to a form that will list their name and fee. The maximum fee an agent can charge is 50%. An artist can accept or reject the fee. Upon approval, the artist will follow the steps above and then can begin minting. We'll talk about this more in Broken link.