Swapp Whitepaper

☑ SWAPPID Wallet/Extension


Swapp ID is a decentralized, permission-less digital identity and cross-chain wallet for users to create a unified digital ID. This digital ID allows users to verify their identity and stay anonymous while connecting to different GameFi and DeFi platforms. This also serves as a privacy and security control over users' digital assets under one ID and wallet system.
A key feature of SWAPPID (the digital ID) is that it can be used as a form of identification while preserving anonymity; not giving your personal information away. This new authentication system can be used universally across a variety of digital platforms.
SWAPPID will act as a user’s permission-less credentials, including their KYC (know your customer) information, which can be used seamlessly to sign-up or login to any ecosystem that uses 'WalletConnect' (for connecting DAPPs to mobile wallets) or our own native SDKs (software development kit).

SWAPP Wallet

SWAPPID Wallets are unified and recoverable wallets, which allow users to combine all digital assets in one secure place and store them on their devices. Imagine all of your personal information and digital assets in one wallet; everything from your SSN to your passport, Apple Pay, crypto currencies across all chains, game assets, cold storage keys, NFTs, user data and documents in one secured wallet. All referenced digital documents are encrypted end-to-end and only accessible through users decryption keys. All of these capabilities take place while the user stays anonymous. This anonymity is the crucial differentiating factor in decentralized environments versus traditional centralized environments (NASDAQ, Banks, Robinhood etc.).

SWAPP Browser Extension

The Swapp browser extension provides the foundation for users to monetize their behavioral data. Currently, individuals behavioral data is at the core of the data monetization industry, demanding the highest value on the open market . Through the use of the Swapp browser extension individuals data will be packaged and prepared for the Swapp DMP (Data Management Platform) infrastructure. The Swapp DMP finally gives the user the ability to decide whether they want to monetize their data or keep their data private.
Here is How it Works
Currently when users browse the Internet, their data is bought and sold on the open market by a variety of companies that monitor the users internet activity and customize targeted ads based on their behavioral data and preferences. For users who want control over their personal data, data privacy and transparency on what data of theirs is being sold, there is SWAPP.
SWAPP provides browsing extensions which gives you full control over what kind of information goes public and what stays private- so you can decide if your name, email address or other personal data will find its way onto the public web.