3.0.0 - Referral Links

Earn rewards by referring new users to Swapp.

ATTENTION: The SWAPP referral link and cookie system is ALREADY LIVE! You can start spreading your ref link today and building a base of referred users well before contract launch. So, do yourself a favor and start spreading your ref link everywhere!

Format: https://swapp.ee/?w=YOURETHWALLETADDRESS​

Anyone may use a referral link to direct users to the SWAPP website, this WhitePaper, the forthcoming official contract web interface, or any other page on the swapp.ee domain or its subdomains, in order to potentially earn various referral bonus SWAPP from those users’ contract interactions.

When a user clicks such a ref link, the Swapp website stores a cookie on their browser, containing the referrer’s ETH address from the ref link. If that user later sends ETH to reserve SWAPP during the auction phase, or starts a stake at least 1yr or longer, the cookie will cause the contract to mark that auction phase reservation or stake as having been referred by that referrer.

If a user already has a referral cookie in their browser and clicks a different ref link, the cookie will be overwritten with the second ref link’s ethereum address. Referrals are thus “last click wins”.

Referral links containing invalid ethereum addresses will not work; the website will not create (or overwrite) the cookie.