2.3.6 - Staking

The SWAPP contract allows users to stake their SWAPP, locking it up for a period of days (weeks, months, or years), in order to earn interest. This is the primary function of the contract during the Circulation Epoch.

Users may open one stake at a time in each pool. After a stake reaches full maturity, the user may close it at any time to receive their full principal, plus interest, without penalty.

Unlike some other stakeable tokens, SWAPP never penalizes a mature stake, no matter how late it is eventually closed. This allows users much more flexibility, especially for taxable income purposes.

This longer-term staking pays interest in the form of rewards tokens (SWAPP) in two ways: standard rewards accumulating daily, plus annual "duration bonuses" paid after each 12 epochs (once per year) to reward longer-term stakers.

The "duration bonuses" increase each anniversary to further reward stakers who stay in the pool for 2, 3, 4, and 5 years.

Long term staking in Pool 3 - "Swapp Staking"