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SWAPP Browser Extensions

SWAPP extensions will be crucial for users to monetize their behavioral data, the data that has highest value and already monetized by all other companies that are in the data monetization industry. Using the browser extension, the user is going to be able to control his/her not only privacy settings but also the system will package their data to prepare it for further steps like protecting the privacy of the user or getting their data monetized via SWAPP Data Management Platform (DMP) infrastructure.
When a user browses the Internet, they will be sending data to all kinds of different companies that are doing everything from helping them search for information to customizing their experience based on their preferences. For those users who want more control over their personal data and don't want it out in the open, there is SWAPP. SWAPP provides browsing extensions which helps you monetize your data by giving you full control over what kind of information goes public and what stays private- so you can decide if your name or email address will find its way onto the public web at any point whatsoever.
Last modified 26d ago
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