SWAPPID & Wallet
SWAPP ID is a decentralized, permission-less digital ID and cross-chain wallet that allows users to create unified digital ID and verify their identity but stay anonymous while they are connecting to different GameFi and DeFi platforms. Control all their digital assets under one ID and wallet system.
One thing is to have a digital ID that does not give your information away. This can help you stay anonymous, but still show your connections to different platforms. All of your digital assets are under one system.
Digital ID, that will work as user’s permission-less credentials, which are going to be KYC-ed that could be used easily to signup or sign in to any ecosystem that will be using wallet connect or our own native SDKs.
SWAPPID Wallets are unified and recoverable wallets that allow users to have all their wallets and assets under one digital ID. Users will be able to control all their digital assets such as NFTs, Game Assets (NFT based), Crypto currencies across all chains, User Data and documents etc under One Digital ID and still be anonymous, which is crucial in decentralized environments.
Last modified 26d ago
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