1.1 - The Swapp Foundation
The Swapp Foundation is a small nonprofit association formed in January 2021. The SWAPP IOS and Android apps, smart contracts, and various related web apps and other products are being wholly funded and developed by The Swapp Foundation.
The Swapp Foundation is dedicated to transparency and making the functionality of the SWAPP platform available so anyone may understand how the smart contracts work in depth. This is an important step towards promoting a high level of trust in the code and its underlying functionality.
The SWAPP smart contract source code will be made public on Github upon launch. A paid, professional audit of the SWAPP contract source code has been completed and included in this document.
If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the project with the founders, developers, and the rest of the community, please join the Official SWAPP Telegram Group at t.me/SwappToken. We welcome all interested, respectful parties to our humble community.
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