Swapp Whitepaper

📈 Token Supply

The contract has no set token supply. The total initial supply minted by users through the launch phase deposit functionality will fall within a defined range, determined partially by confined randomness. A total of 130M SWAPP tokens was released during the launch phase.
This total supply released during the launch phase was matched by a minted batch (an additional 130M) that is then sent permanently to Uniswap.
The total token supply may increase as referral bonus tokens are minted. Some of the new tokens will be minted directly to stakers upon each monthly epoch ending and/or when closing a stake.
If no stakes are closed on a given day, and no stakes scrape interest on that day, no new tokens are actually minted that day, though they are earmarked to be minted later. Once a stake is closed, all tokens the stake had earmarked to it for all past days are then minted at once.